Tuesday, June 5, 2007

If Adult Women Learned from Our Kids.....

1. We would smile pretty even when we violated every fashion rule.

2. We'd embrace the most basic joys of life together, in packs of 2 - appreciating the friends and the people along the way.

3. We would pose for the moment, vs. letting people catch us off guard. (The 6 year old version of never let them see you sweat!)

4. We would never hide our addictions - whether they be colorful boas or Starbucks.

5. We would never meet a problem that lip gloss and a balloon couldn't handle.

6. We'd take turns being the prettiest girl in the room - always having enough confidence to share the spotlight.

7. We would treasure paperback books and read them over and over again, because the story and the feelings are just that good.

8. Ice cream would remain magical - regardless of calories, cost or corrupt diets.

9. Dressing up wouldn't require credit cards.

10. We'd say exactly what we thought all of the time - and apologize when our mouth got us in trouble....because everything could be solved with a pinky swear, hug and a letter on notebook paper.

To the little girl in all of us .....


Dawn said...

I agree 100%! :)

Anonymous said...

How sweet, simple and great rules to live by...