Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Greatest Gift

I started aimlessly clicking next blog to see what else was out there - I'm not in the mood to write, so I thought I can at least read. When after spending 30 minutes and encountering only a hand full of English sites - I ended my randomness and reflected on my gifts.

At an early age my mother sent me to Spain, in part for the life lesson on a thin dime, and in part - I believe, to separate me from a youth love experience that was heading no where fast. I remember getting my passport and all of the little things to prepare for the trip . It occurs to me in my mini depression of today, that my mother has still not been out of the country and she gave me such a great gift even when she herself had never had the experience.

My hope for my children is that I can unleash a broader sense of the world and help them to achieve whatever they are meant to achieve - without boundaries. Before it is too late, we look up and see that adult life can seem a bit like a cage if we don't seek something different.

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Angeline said...

I have to agree...having had the experience of living outside of my hometown for many years, it is so true how one's mind is expanded from a experience outside of what is standard or typical. That was a wonderful gift your mom gave you. I was not aware of that one, you must share more! I hope my little ones to will come to know more to life than their back, front or side yard.