Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another Senseless Tragedy ... Jessie Davis

As a native Ohioan & a mother, I am saddened to share that the body of Jessie Davis and baby Chloe was found June 23, 2007. Her family and 2 year old son are dealing with the current tragedy, while learning that the father of the child has been accused of the crime. I happened to listen to an interview of the mother of Officer Cutts' first child, in addition to an interview of Cutts' himself. It was clear that tragedy was in the midst, even the interviews were plain bad and an obvious prediction that nothing good would emerge from these characters. The Davis family has the awesome task of raising a 2 year old that will never fully know his mother and has a suspected killer as a father.

At least one of the articles I read indicated something about the health of the "fetus." At a full 9-months, I believe it safe to say that the baby could have lived if there was any truth to the father that "she died and I panicked." That line of thought isn't worth really continuing as it sounds as off base to type as it was for the accused father to say. If there had been any care and concern for the mother and child, a really bad situation could have still allowed for a phone call, a gesture for help, something. Discussion indicates that his 2 year old witnessed some or all of the entire ordeal.

This is one of those instances when I think - what can we as a community or a society do. Pray is the only thing that resonates. Words really fail me - what else is there to do when evil is clearly demonstrated in a fragile and imperfect world. I used to think I didn't believe in the death penalty, but maybe I rushed to judgment.

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