Monday, May 19, 2008

Why Keep Apologizing?

I wonder why people continue to apologize for their support of a particular candidate. When Hillary indicates that she is going to continue to represent hard working, hard working white people, she says it all. I hope we wake up before its too late - she's not running to represent the people. She's already decided who represents her best chances, and she doesn't apologize for what she believes. When someone Black votes for Barack the automatic assumption is that the person hasn't thought through their decision, weighed their options, critically decided who deserves their support. The assumption is "of course, you are supporting Barack because he's Black." Leads me to wonder, why aren't there more polls asking the obvious question.

So when we look at West Virginia and Kentucky, will we analyze just why they went overwhelmingly in Hillary's favor? I am ready to never hear the words Democratic Primary again, because the reality is that Hillary wouldn't even be still in the race if this had not become a contest about race. The intentional efforts to make this about race and gender instead of the issues has left many of us "sick and tired." Sick and tired of politics as usual.

And since Barack is of mixed heritage...does that mean White people just vote for a part of him? Don't bother to respond, I am truly sick of the racist mindset and the fear tactics. And to my one racist commenter, save your time and your energy. "My people" are no different than "Your People" - I will continue to assume that the benefit of the doubt may be necessary to understand why Barack has:

1. More Delegates
2. More Popular Vote
3. More Superdelegates

and yet, no nomination. What is the color of that logic?