Monday, April 30, 2007

Beauty Secrets.... SHhhhhh!

When the crazy ladies at crazyhipblogmamas asked women to write their top 5 beauty secrets or tips, I laughed. If I stood out on the nearest public street right now every member of the fashion police would arrest me, those who weren't photographing me with a big X for their magazine that is. How is it possible to ensure that your children, your husband, your house and even some days your car is taken care of.....but not pay attention to yourself.

So, I do have beauty secrets - and I'm sure my husband believes they are a well kept secret many days of the week. Here it goes.

The Mommy Beauty Regimen:

5. Drink lots of water - an entire boat load. See, I have found when everything else is hitting the fan, some dear woman will tell me that I have the most beautiful skin and I will chuckle dearly. How is it possible to see my skin when it is well hidden under my stress and wardrobe -but it is indeed possible. Drink water, drink water and then ....drink some more water.

4. Lip tint. I am not a big consumer of lipstick, lip gloss or chapstick.... but I manage to have something of one sort or another in arms reach most days. Now, the funny thing is, American Girl lip gloss is the best kept secret in the world. And for many a spur of the moment occasion, I have used it as lip tint, eyeshadow and blusher. I should thank my 7 year old.

3. Vaseline. You can buy all of the Eucerin, Aquaphor, and Cetaphil you want....want if you have a dry skin issue - vaseline is the key. It is by far the best moisturizer, make-up remover, chafed skin reliever, all around cure for whatever ails you.

2. Arm & Hammer peroxide tooth paste. I'm sorry, there is nothing better than clean and white teeth. I have come to believe that Arm & Hammer is to the mouth exactly what it is to the refrigerator. A gently pick me up and cure all for whatever ails you. I think, when I'm at my very worst, clean teeth and fresh breath go far.

I know, there is nothing interesting and revolutionary thus far - not quite a beauty you must be thinking. Hey, every girl has to have her secret weapon. I mean, I must be spending my grocery money on something right.

My number 1 beauty secret is................

1. Prayer. If you have a quality inner life and peace, you have a tremendous outer glow. In the midst of a difficult day, situation, relationship, circumstance - if you can gather yourself long enough to take a deep breath and thank God that you exist, all will be well. For everything else - try Get Fresh, Mandarin Ginger Body Butter. It will help you remember all those other things...because you will smell just like heaven. Be well.

By the way, can writing a blog be a beauty secret???

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