Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Black Women and Barack

It doesn't surprise me that black women vote in greater numbers than the general public. It does surprise me that at this stage of the political campaign process CNN, NPR and the likes have started reporting on the leaning of black women. In a CNN article about Clinton's standing among Black Women on the line...I was surprised at the quick references about the number of devoted Clinton supporters vs. those considering Barack. People, we are not supporting "the Clinton" Whitehouse, it is Hillary Clinton that is running for office. Bill is not.

To be fair, I only caught the tail end of the NPR story. I listened to black women who sound nothing like the black women in my peer group talk about why they are supporting Hillary. "She can get elected they said." If you give her your vote, most assuredly she has that potential. So, it isn't rocket science to understand, if you give Barack your vote, he has that same potential. Skip the lecture about white male voters, I was sitting with them at the last Barack event I attended.

I'm generally conservative. I'm that "stupid black people who voted for Bush" unknown factor - that surprises people to this day. Not every black woman is signed up on the Democratic party line waiting for the next savior of health care, education, social security and the like. I wouldn't be allowed in some circles because I don't have all of my accepted identification in tact - NAACP current membership, die hard liberal bumper sticker, by any means necessary support of anyone to get the Republicans out of office.

The best articles identify black women as a powerful group. They understand that we are all different and we are making many assessments about who to support. All I know is the power of my own circle. PhD's, MBA's, MEds, students, wives, mothers and frankly, we are ALL supporting Barack. Those that haven't made up their mind, we are working on them too. Maybe the good thing is, we are not just talking about it, we are actually working on the campaign, organizing fundraisers, meeting on Saturday's to discuss the latest moves, and inviting our other SISTERS to join us. Yep, go ahead all you want and tell the front page story of the black women who support "the Clinton's."

Meanwhile, will all the sisters (women with common thoughts and ideas, who enjoy politics and conversation about education and the spa all at the same time) that I know, and those I don't, put your energy into your next donation, next story, next blog, next email, next something to support the power of being audacious and hopeful. I'm becoming both. The only other person that I hear even mentioned in the presidential race among my friends is a guy from New York, who cheated on his wife, kicked her out of the home, brought his girlfriend into the public eye, and then subsequently missed the next few years of his children's lives. From a conservative, moral high ground for any Republican candidate has long been over. As a wife, I'm just not clicking a button for someone who doesn't give less than a D#$% about the institution of marriage - I have no doubt that he'll have a hard time defending something he doesn't believe in.

Here are a few headlines for you:

Barack supporters cross all color barriers
Barack supporters cross all economic lines
Barack supporters cross all education levels
Black, Brown, Purple, Yellow, Green people support Barack
White women, men, youth, college students, first tie voters support Barack
Women support Barack
Men support Barack
Conservatives invest in future of Barack
Wives overwhelming support Barack
The Mommy Factor and the overwhelming support of Barack

and hey, just for the heck of it "Barack takes the primary in an unprecedented landslide...."

This black woman is sure that the story that captures it all is yet to be written. Donate today. Barack Obama has the potential to win, he just needs your support to do it.

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