Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Gotta Go To Heaven

I won't win any wife awards today - surprise to regular readers right? (All 3 of you I know, I know.) I was inspired to get over my temporary short comings as a spouse by embracing the mama in me. I've got a much better chance of getting some positive feedback about those traits - I'm hoping. So, when I went to Crazy Hip Blog Mamas and encountered the opportunity to say why all mamas go to heaven, I'm all in. Evidently there are some well meaning folks who promote this concept on a regular basis: All Moms Go To Heaven - and today I'm going to tell you why....

In my view all moms go to heaven because:

10. There must be a place of rest somehow, some place , some way - surely we aren't meant to live on so little sleep.

9. We're gonna have someone to praise other than those who stayed dry, flushed and washed.

8. Our children's therapists who blame us are going to the other place.
(Mary J. Blige's "You Goin' Down...... comes on in my head. They are going down.)

7. We have been calling on God to help us since they came out the womb.
(Knee Mail is what I'm talking about - email has nothing on that.)

6. Childbirth. Stitches. Hemorrhoid's. Hemorrhoids. Hemorhoid. However you spell it, the Preparation H Inspirers......

5. We must have an opportunity to look good in a bikini somewhere. Please.
(I mean really - if we get a perfect body up there, no sickness, no disease....doesn't that mean no belly fat too.)

4. We're going to have hot meals up there - no more cutting, blowing, prepping, refilling, doctoring, etc. before we even sit down.

3. Jesus loves the little children...and we've been acting like the children since we figured we couldn't win the war any other way.

2. There has to be a light at the end of the tunnel - we haven't had a toy with our meals in decades.

1. God is gonna tell each and every one of us - "you done good girl, you done good!" Because the fact that we wake up every day, aspire to be the best that we can be, and invest more in their future than the baggage of our past - I can see God now just letting us know, we done good.

There is a video by Keke Palmer on Radio Disney. She's the Spelling Bee queen and Jump In star with the infectious smile. She sings the lyrics (with young teen enthusiasm) "We're gonna make it....Where all my girls at.... Don't give up" and every time I dance with my daughter I secretly believe the words are written for me. So for all the mama's out there......where are my girls at?

We're gonna go to heaven because we're going to make it.
Don't give up!

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Anonymous said...

What's really sad is that, just yesterday, I was dancing around with my godson while his sister was playing that song, and all I could think was "This song is a lot like cartoon movies: written for children with a nod to the adults who are in the room!"

And while I have no direct knowledge as to why "All Moms Go to Heaven," (i.e., no stretch marks or bikini cuts yet), I think I have enough battle scars as Auntie/Godmommy to add a few more reasons:

-We'll sacrifice anything we have (time, money, sleep, preferred radio stations, just to name a few) to avoid seeing them hurt/disappointed/sad;

-We'll question every decision based upon how it impacts their lives/development/bliss; and

-We make tough choices, especially when it makes us out to be the Bad Guy.

Those are my $0.02 worth!