Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Vice of Choice

My husband eats Rum Raisin ice cream nearly every night. Haagen Dazs - without exception. He eats an entire pint with a spoon, no bowl. He has done this for nearly a decade. Typically, he eats this 1,200 calorie treat after midnight.

So I ponder, am I good wife for buying it or a bad wife for allowing him to consume soo many calories and excess sugar each night. I am clearly an enabler. If he had to purchase the ice cream he would still continue to eat it just less often. Frankly, I would lose valuable wife credit because sometimes I buy it when I really have nada to say to him at all. It may be my biggest make up gesture in 12 years, I'll end a heated debate with Haagen Dazs in the freezer. He'd probably prefer I just admit to being wrong. I think I'd rather shop for $4 ice cream. (Okay, $3.50 at Marsh and $2.85 at Walmart).

Is it possible to have ice cream as a love language? I dare say yes, and if he has to have a vice...there are far worse I guess - than ice cream. All the Cold Stone Creamery options combined and he'd pick his favorite. I find great comfort in that, or any other vice that can be addressed with $5 in the frozen section.

For other ice cream tributes visit Crazy Hip Blog Mamas - but, Ice Cream really isn't my thing. If you want to talk about the newly discovered cosmo - do they have that in ice cream?


Pinks & Blues Girls said...

OMG! I was just thinking this SAME THING the other night. My husband is trying to lose weight... working out and eating healthy. Well, he loves an ice cream treat - which used to be everynight. The other night I brought home Ben & Jerry's (some weird name, I forget of ice cream) pint and he ae it in a sitting. I lsaw how excited he was when I brought it home and everyting and I loved that it made him happy. But - am I a bad wife for doing that?? UGH!
Why can't ice cream be delcious and FAT FREE - you know, the good kind!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls

bliss said...

what is it with men wanting ice cream in the wee hours? not that mr. bliss is usually up that late... and he'll eat just about any kind. (lucky me, huh? LOL) i used to think it was bad to get ice cream for him. but it's only once in a while. and if i don't buy it, he WILL get it himself if he wants it. *shrug* whaddya do?