Thursday, August 2, 2007

African American Men for Hillary Clinton

I received an email today that included the link to Senator Clinton's website and a compiled video clip of African American Men who support her campaign. I was in some ways saddened by the establishment rhetoric of individuals who are promised to benefit from her election and the implication that we don't have time for anyone "learning on the job."

I find it amazing that at a time when we have the first truly viable African-American presidential candidate of our time, with the credentials, vision, pedigree and financial support necessary - so few high profile people of color even speak to his viability as a candidate. As I listened to Dr. Maya Angelou talk about her pride of supporting a woman, I couldn't help wonder - is anyone thinking about electing change?

Hope. Audacity. I think those words still speak volumes about what Barack offers. I have heard individuals say that the true goal is to vote for someone who can beat the Republicans. In our politically interesting household - we talk often about what the future holds. Republican candidates of today can't pretend to be the moral majority. Democratic candidates can't be soft on foreign affairs and security. This is not your mother's era of politics.

Regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or socioeconomic station - we have an opportunity to let our voices be heard in this election. Barack needs our support to turn American politics on its ear. I'm done being sad over what I find to be a patronizing "Bill was our first Black president" embrace of Hillary. They are no more Black than I am white. Our charge is to elect someone who can represent our country and take the necessary actions to put us on a better track - security, health care, education, affordable housing, justice. I think more people, should reflect on those issues, and vote for true change.

To make your voice heard, join my efforts to raise support for Barack Obama. Oh yeah, and I guess I'm going to start my own support network:
~ African American Women for Barack
~ Smart Women for Barack
~ Mothers for Barack
~ Republican households of Color for Barack
~ People who don't believe the Hillary Hype for Barack
~ Individuals who vote, for Barack

Why don't you join me if you are sick of the establishment hype. Donate today.


plez... said...

this is one african american man who is NOT for hillary... that video is offensive on so many levels, it ain't funny!

so bad, i had to write a post about it at plezWorld!

Aaron & Alaine said...

Plez -
I'lll stop by and visit your blog, I heartened that someone else was as troubled by that as I was. In the meantime I've had peers and friends talk about their new found respect for McCain. I'm still amazed. I'm not a liberal groupie, there are plenty of the Democratic positions that make me cringe - but when I look at who remains in the political race as of today - I can't understand why Barack doesn't have more support even among the people I know. Thanks for visiting!

tonydarren said...

Oh please. This is ridiculous. People who blindly say "vote for change" dont really explain what they mean. Hillary Clinton is a great leader and this is one black men who supports her. I support black people every day, so I am not desperate to vote for Obama in the election. I am offended that black people act like I am letting them down by voting for Hillary. I do more for black people than most. I am a civil rights lawyer and I head a major civil rights organization. I think it is sad that the "change" crowd is just a farce: they are just like the past -- racial nationalism.

Isis said...

This African American woman believes that our men should not stand with NO Clinton since they don't stand with us. Showing up at our churches or having us in sight of the camera doesn't mean nothing if your policy and actions show that you do not have our best interest at heart. We need to look closer. I could point some of these things out here but it would be to long so I will send you here for specifics:

Aaron & Alaine said...

I appreciate people posting responses and comments, and endeavor to allow all of them. I had to take a deep breath with tonydarren, as clearly he read my views with little observation of my profession, my life, my political beliefs, etc. I don't believe anyone should vote for Obama because he is a man of color - I do however, believe that the farce of support for Clinton has been characterized by Black Men who neither supported, represented or respected the community. They give their endorsement and false recommendation because of establishment ties, hype about the first Clinton being the "1st Black President" and with ill regard for their vicious comments. I think America deserves more. I think African American men should be more engaged with the reality of the issues facing our nation and our culture, and I want not to have to view a patronizing video of hype. Whomever anyone votes for is their choice. To somehow imply, however, that the gender card is any less polarizing than the race card - or to act as if she and her camp does play the race card...well, that's another post. If that is experience, give me change any day.

A dude for Mrs. Clinton said...

Blah blah blah. Buzzwords and rhetoric. No mention about what that "change" really involves. Vote for Obama 'cause he's black! If you don't, you're a racist! Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the way we'll change Washington is to tell everyone there to shut the hell up and just agree with our positions! Obama is not interested in consensus-building; he's interested in making everyone believe exactly what he does. It will just be easier that way, don't you know?
If we elect Obama, suddenly all the republicans and moderate democrats will see the light and completely change their opinions and values! (And if they don't then they'd better watch out, cause this rookie politician can make life pretty tough for life-long senate and house members!)

I think I have summed up your position quite succinctly. Now we can move on to finding someone who actually has real ideas. (And someone who has a grip on reality)

And by the way, the "learning on the job" thing has been tried by Deval Patrick, and he has managed to bungle things pretty badly. Why? Because he kicked out all the people who knew what they were doing. So much for change for the sake of change.

Aaron & Alaine said...

A dude for Clinton -

Like everyone, you certainly have the right and obligation to support whomever you think is the best for the job. I do, indeed, appreciate your comments and stopping by my blog. Although I support Barack, I'm not foolish enough to believe that any one person is the cure all and end all of making our nation better. I don't believe that someone has to agree with my, or Barack's opinions, which by the way - aren't consistent on many issues.

What I do know, is that anyone who uses racial politics to kill the Democratic party, will surely reap exactly what they sow. I have watched the Clinton Machine do what it does best, and the people who will lose will not be people who had hope in Obama, it will indeed be the entire nation as we endure politics as usual.

The belief that Clinton has experience and will not be learning on the job is equally ridiculous, to quote you my friend. She believes that failing health care, proximity to the office, and being Bill's wife have given her greater insight. Greater insight into the backward dealings of self serving politicians, maybe. She would do any and everything to ensure her candidacy, with no regard for the overall political challenge, which should be to adjust the leadership in Washington to shift past what has happened in the last 8 years. Clinton won't do that however, she'll keep moving the bar, changing the end game, and using the rhetorical of personal attack to become the victor. Problem is, she won't win anything, broaden the party or shift politics to anything that hasn't happened before.

Consensus building surely can't be what you believe will happen with Clinton. Or maybe, you are as naive as you'd like to paint anyone who doesn't agree w/Clinton to be.

I don't suggest that Hillary or her supporters should shut up - but I'm sick and tired of hearing that anyone who supports Obama does so because he is Black. The ignorance which makes and assumes this statement, is as troubling as the possibility that we'll have 4 more years of Clinton politics. I'm all for everyone having a voice - but the Democratic party, and the men who from time to time post nonsense about placing me or my views in a box, are tiring. Make a decision already. And when you do - invest your time in that, and stop insisting that anything unlike your view of the election is somehow wrong.

I respectfully disagree. But anyone reading my entire blog, would surely know that. But Clinton supporters, they aren't real good about history. They in fact, believe that we're lucky, should be greatly for all they have done, and surely we should be thankful we're Black, because we couldn't reach any point of prominence or beat them - unless our color was a factor. But, I believe the point is that I somehow have a crazy view. A wakeup call anyone?