Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Thinker

The Thinker
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Together my husband and I have made many interesting collaborations - he's bricks and mortar, I'm more touchy feely. He wants to see economic development, I tend to look at economic empowerment. He would probably thrive in an urban environment with the fast pace of life serving as an energy source - the lights, the movement, the potential the development. I enjoy suburban life. I like the accessibility of things that are a part of our life, I like the relationships that my children are building, I like watching them play in the cul de sac, I like our home - which although a work in progress is as my father-in-law gently put it, "a real house." There are so many differences, I imagine they will fill our posts and our political exchanges in the blog world. Yet, what I always say in our heated exchanges (intense fellowship opportunities) - don't sell touchy feely short. I have made choices that are not typical for many of my peers. My educational achievements and professional pursuits are edited through the lense of motherhood - my chosen investment for a lifetime. I'm proud of all of the things that make me who I am - independent, fiercely opinionated, artsy, analytical, and a writer at heart. Conservative and compassionate, real. REAL.

However, in a world that sums up life by what you have and what you own we don't quite have our "American Dream" summed up. What I know for sure is that when opposites attract, wonderful things are possible. In fact, wondeful people are possible. Our youngest child was a surprise...well as much as married people can be surprised by pregnancy. He is such an addition to our lives and the perfect compliment to our expanding family. He captures the best of us and is equally reflective and energy laden on any average day. Most of his days are far from average. Deciding to be the primary caregiver for our children was not without financial implications, career implications and professional angst. When I look at his face, when I see his eyes, when all else seems to fall hard on the shoulders of choices deferred - I am elated to be a mother first, and all else follows from that decision. The thinker in my life tends to eat pizza for breakfast if I allow and waits too long before going to the potty, the most recent complication to our morning love fest. Our alone time is the source of many of my most hopeful moments and most peaceful experiences. Today, snuggled in the wee hours of the morning before any person in the house was awake - I realized the full potential of any day. Being up early, moving before the world has its privileges.

I imagine that this blog will mostly be an opportunity for reflection for me - a place to put the ideas that rush through my mind and heart each day. I want to have more discipline about writing and this will surely be a start. The possibility of dedication, discipline and desire must be endless. I hope it is - because these pages are the start of something new - a place where motherhood, being a wife, being a friend, being an entrepreneur and being a woman of substance meet.

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