Saturday, January 20, 2007

A New Beginning

New Beginnings
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I was about ready to have a day of rants one morning - what I didn't have, what wasn't fair in life, too many bills and not enough money....and I saw this flower in our pond. The irony in that alone - my pond.

I only had to look right in front of me to see the inherent blessings in our life. I was finding way to many distractions to take me away from all that I have to be thankful for. Every time I see this flower I see the potential for life and for each new day. The potential for new beginnings is also why I decided that I would subscribe to the Barack Obama podcast and join his online community of supporters. I was initially intrigued by this easy on the eyes Democrat who had more to say than all that ails the Republican Party. I can't say he had me at hello - but the more I listen, the greater my interest and the greater my support.

I consider myself and Independent. Before I got married, had a professional career or had children I was a Democrat. I think I voted straight party tickets for the first few elections of my life. However, maturity, age and education finally set in - and I began to wonder, what have the democrats done for me lately? Don't even go there - I asked the same question of the Republicans. (Rebutticans for my 4 year old son!) In fact, what I determined was that few politicians held my personal interests as their priorities - it was a buffet of dysfunctional choices. It was like eating at the Golden Coral - you wonder why you are doing it before you ever make the purchase, then you are surprised when you walk through the door - and you think you are making good choices that make you smarter than the other consumers of this largely nasty food selection. At least that is my personal experience. I decided both parties missed the boat for meet, and started combining my conservative social values with my more liberal other stuff for ongoing dissatisfaction at the polls. Enter Barack Obama.

He has my support not for his track record, his race, his education, his eloquent delivery or his appearance. Reality is - he offers a fresh start in my eyes, a new way forward for the Democratic party. I'm sick of the war and the political correctness of supporting our troops and not supporting the fight. I believe it has become rhetoric and I'm as guilty as the next person. I want to talk about domestic issues and the first thing that comes out of anyone's mouth these days - their isolated view of how to address the war. That mess will be a mess for years to come. I'm ready to hear a real solution - but I'd like to hear about education, health care, the disappearing middle class, social security and the continuing gulf between what people say they believe and how they conduct their personal lives. I'm looking for more of the entire package, someone who can see a problem, think through a solution and garner enough support to make it happen.

I don't know what America is ready for. If I read another article or interview with Hillary Clinton about her opinion of Barack I will literally write another check to the "anyone but her campaign." If Democrats can't figure out a way to mobilize their assets in a more comprehensive fashion, this will be the shortest shift of power known in my lifetime. Is he ready? Is he anointed by existing AA/Black leadership? Is he too this or too that? I have no idea. What I know is that he is a new beginning and a new opportunity for hope on the horizon. I too, have the audacity of hope.

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