Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comfort Zone

So this weekend we traded in our tranquility for a Backyard barbecue of sorts. I had decided I would just invite some folks over which is contrary to our traditional nature. (We're not people people - friendly enough - not very social though.) We decided we wouldn't keep waiting for things to be the "ideal" time, set-up, or whatever...we would just invite friends for food and fellowship. Well my once serene backyard doesn't look like that right now. It is filled with backyard toys, the community approved slide set, a cooler and remnants of lawn chairs and grill tools. I'm learning that truly there is a season for everything.

When we first moved we were just as happy to have time out on the patio for nothing but serenity. With the idea of a backyard barbecue came the preparation, multi-tasking, an array of guests, and things that inevitably fall short of you aspirations. More importantly however, we managed to get together with friends and people we care about. I guess, all things considered, it's a nice change of pace. We're pressing out of our comfort zone - and picture perfect, we're growing beyond that ideal for something right sized just for us.

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