Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Change the Question - Why isn't McCain Winning at all?

Stop and think about the political banter of today- "Why isn't Obama winning this by more?" I've seen a variety of articles and posts, mainly bored journalists writing about why in this current state of affairs, Obama is not winning by more. I've seen the latest pulse on the American people, and the numbers theoretically indicate that he has yet to reach more than 50% of the American people - not enough people are really invested in what he has to offer yet. Couple that with random coverage of Hillary supporters who won't support him and threaten to vote for McCain, the 1,234th review of his trip abroad, random Michelle bashing and then a few email posts with the same false stereotypes we had 12 months ago. What do you get? A slow news day.

I have a different question at hand, Why isn't McCain winning at all? I mean, the cards have long been stacked in his favor. He's the American dream as we know it, wealth marries even wealthier, defines oneself as unique, makes money the old fashioned way (oil ties, political interests, inheritance, 2nd marriage bonanza), gets adoring media attention for years, wraps up the primaries handily and has several months as a lead before the Democrats relent for a presumptive nominee. Shouldn't McCain really have it all wrapped up at this point?

I mean, we live in America. We split right down the racial divide in believing whether or not our country has a race issue. Race has been used to distance people who should be politically and socioeconomically aligned - but we fight. We fight long and hard - in part, because we see race differently. We say, "Barack is a new leader, he's articulate, capable, inspiring, a credit to what our country can be." They say, "He's arrogant, untested, mistaken about hope in a time when we need experience, Black." With a daily need to defend one's patriotism, family background, educational achievements, poised ability to float within the Ivy League sect, recreational drug dabble, religion, minister, faith, bowling ability - "Why isn't McCain winning at all?"

I mean really, how can Barack have a 5% lead when he's so - new, unknown, scary, Brown. Shouldn't the American Dream absent any hint of Affirmative Action sail right into the hearts of the American people and have a slam dunk. I mean he's got the wealthy, the right, the hard working whites - correct? Why isn't he winning?
We haven't declared a blog war on his ice cold heiress of a wife, she's gotten a free pass with her charitable work in Africa and non-released tax returns. Why isn't McCain winning?

If we stop and think about the role of the media in this election, we should all spend a lot more time stopping and thinking - than reading what they write. Daily, the mass media paints a picture that they want us to sip slowly, like its right, righteous or true. (Did you have your dose of kool-aid - or CNN, FOX News, etc., today?) Often the media, our treasured elite, are publishing just a really really well paid, often read, blog of sorts. They spout about what matters to them (like me), how they see it (like me), add in a few polls and numbers (like me)- and walla - paint a problem for those who stop at the headline. Today... Barack should be winning by more - since he's not, he's in trouble. News at 11......

Well, I have no idea how my neighbors will vote. Yet, when I look at the economy (as measured by my savings and checking account), when I look at the credit crisis (defined by my late fees and 1-800 calls), as I examine the state of education (while I wrestle between sending the kids to public school for the first time, paying some unGodly amount in tuition I can't afford, or being able to afford a non-diverse environment which was toxic to my bright, beautiful daughter), as I ponder health care (and the $100 co-pay for orthodontic work, coupled with enough allergy, exczema and asthma medicine to fill nurses offices for each child) - I scientifically suggest - there's a big decision to be made by each of us. McCain who can't win at all or Obama who isn't winning by enough. You decide.

As for me, this time I'll be voting with my pocketh. Thou shalt not elect a similar successor (McCain the patriotic - with no lease on normal lifeth) to the first Affirmative Action president (Bush the warrior, underachiever with pedigree and oil pumping out of his boots). And with all that his experience has to offer I still ask, "Why isn't McCain - author of false ads, bully of foreign travel, whiner of lost media coverage, proven leave them while they are down member of the second marriage club- Winning? (and he's white...) Let's tell that story!

Personal disclaimer - could care less than a darn that McCain is white. Although somewhere around 70% of people polled out of the voting booth admit that race troubled them as they cast their vote. If a Black man or woman, represented the same things as he does - I wouldn't vote for them either.

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