Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ludacris - Foe not Friend of Obama

He's all dressed up but looks are deceptive. In his song "Politics. Obama is Here." Ludacris proves that we need not worry about what other people think of us - we clearly demonstrate we don't care for ourselves. There has been a clear pattern of character revelation by evaluating associations in this primary election - Hillary and Ferraro. Obama and Wright. And now this.

His lyrics are unacceptable - written with no political agenda, intelligence, insight, or innovation. He is predictable and a detriment. With his support, Obama doesn't need any enemies on the right. In a fragile election, with many people undecided, decisions will be made by association. People will look at Ludacris' fascination with Obama's possible success and distance themselves, not from Ludacris, rap and what he represents - but from Obama. I am releasing a collective sigh for ignorance. The polls will surely reflect this latest gaff.

Although I try not to find myself responsible for the behavior of all Black people. I am an individual but my spirit is grieved. embarrassed. pissed. I think he was selfish and stupid - and I thought he was brighter. more artistic. worthy of an occasional listen, sway or groove. I have absolutely no respect for someone who is so clearly talented and chooses to operate in 110% stupidity. I am not a supporter of Hillary, McCain, or Jesse Jackson - but I still understand fully the outrage about this foolishness.

While we can not and should not judge a person by someone who writes a song in their support - in this case we're talking about another man, another Black man, another fear factor that will undoubtedly send a new spiral into a tightening race. In a politically charged climate with people having no true understanding of other cultures and things that are different from themselves - I saw this election as a dialog starter. I don't have any sincere interest or regard for rap - I can take it or leave it in most instances, and the industry has long sucked the joy out of the original intent and originality. Today's rap fails to be more than a money machine of weak lyrics and less than talented stand ins for the original genre.

With all of this, we should check Ludacris' - a self proclaimed rapper extraordinaire- supposed politics - if he has any at all. Seems like McCain actually does have something to be thankful for in the Black community. Our own inability to be politically savvy enough to use our skills, talent and voice for something worth while. The leverage from this will be ridiculous - McCain will use more coded racist images and attacks to play into the fears of those who don't know any better.

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