Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama is NOT the Messiah...but

I had the chance to read an article at the TimesOnline, He ventured forth to bring light to the world. A satirical piece by Gerard Baker, it made me think about the opposition and how they really think of those who support Obama. While getting away for a few days I couldn't help but get wind of the prayer that Obama placed at the wall - which was of course removed and published in print moments after he left. And what strikes me continuously, is that he is so very human, but Good at what he does. (and the media is bored with reporting real life....)

I'm pretty conservative by nature, although I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm Republican by any means (I have a wayward spouse to carry that torch). I have been irritated and inspired by Obama quite a bit since this race began. Baker paints him as a messiah, which really only makes me think more about what did people think about JFKennedy or MLKing? More of the same. Here come these attractive, non-traditional, heroes of sorts...attracting attention about stuff we don't want to talk about as a society. They all struck a cord with the American people - and not just one segment of the people.

It bares mentioning that Gerard had plenty of Biblical accuracy in his satire, which means that in our society the Republicans believe what is written (but don't act on it) and Democrats say they can change the world (and become lost in their own hype). I do pray Barack is different. On track record alone, Bush (who garnered my vote once) should clearly demonstrate that entitlement, trackrecord and the Religious Right is crazy. They would say in McCain that they are voting for the less of two evils, or one mildly funny comment in the blogosphere, that Barack is the biggest example of Affirmative Action gone wrong. Well - if by Affirmative Action we understood their comments to mean people who are undeserving, getting privilege and opportunity above more qualified candidates...George W. Bush is surely the only recent history example of that. Dear Al Gore of Oscar knows it all too well. Yet, he simply reinvented his life, and stopped living in the past.

My Bible tells me there is only one Messiah, and Barack ain't it. But, he's beautiful to watch in action and he's managed to make more of us pay attention to politics than anything in my lifetime. And a child shall lead them.... so even when he makes rookie mistakes or makes me shake my head with great concern, I consider the other option. I could once again be contrary and vote for someone like McCain - thinking when elected, he'll do the right thing. Tried that once, nope. As far as I can see the man isn't really interested in diversifying his support anyway - although he believes he can peel off some of the brown vote. I think to myself what will happen with education, health care, gas prices, and the election of judges under his reign...and its scary enough to confirm my support of Barack once again!

I find it irritating to be placed in groups. I can't stand the thought that all Black people are voting for Barack because he's Black - because it always makes me wonder the contrary. Does that mean that his White supporters are supporting him because he's White in their eyes? (Ior their color - too?) I know the answer to that. Or...when someone assumes that because I support the man that no critical dialog can happen - give me a break. Taxes are scary when I think of Barack, because his middle class lines are a little too blurry for me. He's liable to raise taxes just as we get over the hump - and I believe we're more accurately considered the elite poor. We have just enough to guarantee we can't be considered poor - but not enough days w/out stresss to be considered heavily middle class. We're more middle of the road, multiple degree, average. It ain't all bad - but it surely is not clouding our support for Barack. He's a man. A delightfully attractive, articulate, married man - with children. For any woman, we know the inherent limits of that. The real Bible gives us lots of food for thought on placing your faith in God and not in man.

In some circles they talk about Tavis Smiley learning a bit about criticizing Barack, but I think people understand the issue wrong. Tavis, as he does quite often, has the ability to criticize anyone he chooses. But when that scrutiny doesn't line up w/the reality that most people see - there is a backlash. The Republicans are simply getting beat at their own game nowadays - and its a bad game - but Barack is playing it. The idea that the media itself has lost all focus and is now blindly following "a new Political messiah" - that doesn't wash either. If there was something worth saying about McCain, he'd be saying it himself. He has openly said that he has had a great relationship with the media in the last 10 years - the Maverick just has garnered some competition. From the Right's version of the messiah the Maverick has some competition - but they haven't been doing to well in interpreting any messiah lately - so this (and the satire that reveals the false heart perceptions of many Americans) is all to be expected.

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