Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bob Johnson on Barack: We Care Why?

Bob Johnson is one of the African-American males for Hillary which should inspire us all to look behind the curtain at Oz. Why is it that so many bought and paid for old establishment
Black males are coming out in support of the Clinton Campaign - nothing more than the you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. They have been pouring money into their campaigns for years and it comes as no surprise that at any cost they will jump in her pocket as the liaison to the Black community. Couple that with the pandering in the Black church and Bill calling into Al Sharpton's show to do his insincere "oh I'm sorry" - and we have for first prize, "Racial Politics at its worst."

Clinton is courting Bob Johnson to make race an issue for Barack, plain and simple. This issue may lose her votes in the short term - but it is more likely to concern the average American voter, and distract them from Barack. The American people get scared with the issue of race, and if she can successfully make his candidacy about race, and not about change and America fulfilling its promise - she's won. As in her cry seen across the world - this is political strategy - not outrage about how she is perceived relative to MLK. The Democratic party has been as careless about the minority vote as the Republican party in many instances - and until the general election Clinton feels she just has to squash Obama so she can reach her destiny. Problem is, the same folks you meet climbing up the ladder, you will need when you handily fall off of it. She however, will only have the potential to win in the short term. The reality is that most intelligent people - of all races - see through her tactics and understand that she is not the solution - for America, Black People, Women, Youth or Anyone else for that matter.

Who cares about Bob Johnson. He is not representing African-Americans or the average Black voter, and he doesn't fit the characteristics of the average American voter either. The author of low-brow entertainment via Black Entertainment Television (BET) is a media mogul and a billionaire. Who in the heck cares what or who he promotes. He created BET with the rationale that Jerry Springer is allowed to do his show but BET is asked to be held to a higher standard. Umm, let's select yes for $1K. Jerry Springer, Bob Johnson, Hillary Clinton - they are not standard bearers.

Let's hold the campaign and the candidates to a higher standard. Bob Johnson represents no one and didn't care about the garbage he put on television as long as it made him rich. Birds of a feather assuredly flock together in this instance. This isn't the case of bad judgment, this isn't the case of defending a friend, like all other partnerships for the Clinton Campaign - this is negative campaigning, racial politics and pandering at its worst. The media is equally at fault for making this an issue at all - but well, Bob did make his fortune in cahoots with them as well. Wonder how this made front page news on an average Sunday afternoon - the old boys network, Clinton included.

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