Thursday, January 3, 2008

Barack Obama WINS IOWA!

He won.

He won convincingly.

He won with the support of diverse groups - women, youth, first time caucus goers, independents.

He won one contest, that will provide a launching pad for more contests.

He still needs each one of us. He still needs money. He still needs voters. He can't win on hope alone.

He is the candidate of change.

This isn't about Oprah. It isn't about race. It isn't about anything other than the first opportunity for people throughout this nation to make a clear statement about what type of leadership they want. Make your step toward change today.


MQM said...

Came across your blog (needle in a haystack these days, eh?) a while back and bookmarked it. Just checked back in today and wanted to tell you I'll keep checking in. Like getting a good recommendation on a book to read, sometimes it is helpful to hear a recommendation on political issues from someone who has given up their own time - that priceless commodity - to look into something. I'm trying to keep an open mind, and I appreciate your thinking and writing about this stuff. Thanks.

Aaron & Alaine said...

Thanks for your comment MQM - I appreciate your bookmark and checking back. I have spent more time researching and reading about politics more than any time in my life - and I've been done with voting straight party tickets for about 8 years. The political race is heating up - but if we can escape gender politics and decide what is best for the nation, it will all be worth while.

Thanks Again.