Friday, January 18, 2008

The Power of Hope...who's got your back?

So, let's talk about change you can believe in. What does it say about America, if this is the image of your national leader. I don't know what it says to anyone else, but this would be a case of you had me at hello. When I look at my own family, my life, my professional pursuits, the balance of work and family life, and the sheer courage it takes to pursue change in our nation - I'd be willing to vote Obama, over and over again.


Kemba08 said...

AWESOME-AWESOME-AWESOME! This speaks so eloquently to the power of love, commitment, and, dare I sound like a cliche: HOPE! Hope for our country, for the power of hanging in there through the peaks and valleys of the day-to-dayness of life, love, and marriage, and the hope that is clearly rooted in the power of prayer. Is it just me, or can you hear that sage of our age Al Green singing "Let's Stay Together" playing in the background?

Aaron & Alaine said...

Well, I just left a post on a different blog, about how I'm always amazed at what people invest their time in. I know this has been a long battle, a lot of time away from home, a big investment for a man w/two small children. I have been asked why I think Michelle doesn't smile more, and I wonder how much there is to smile about when you are running the race of your life. Funny thing is, we are all running the race of our life - some people do it with grace, dignity and resolve - others don't even understand the game. But who am I to talk, a woman who's garbage didn't go out this week, who still has a Christmas tree up, who's bday celebration at darkthirty was long over, and as I look for someone who wants pink roses, which frankly, have never been my flower of choice. I'd say that I've lost my balance, but for other women who look like me, feel like me, experience like me, when you see Michelle - you don't have a hard time figuring out your vote.