Monday, July 30, 2007

Camp Underachiever

I had started to beat myself up about all the things I should have (shoulda) accomplished this Summer with the kids, as I looked at the calendar. In just a few short weeks the kids will be back at school and I was contemplating that I might have failed as a mother - not enough camps, lessons, new experiences, skills developed, I was heading for a spiral. Our budget does not permit us to do all the things I would really like to do, but there is also a piece of me that just didn't think the kids should be scheduled to the high heavens. What should a mom do...Blog!

I'm over it, or I'm getting over it. We went to the library, the zoo, the Children's Museum, the water park, and free movies every Tuesday or Wednesday. We saw cousins, grandparents and great grandma too. We played in the backyard, we slept in late and we stayed up very late too. We had playdates, week long tennis and ballet appetizers, and 2 promotions in Tae Kwon Do. (Yeah for the yellow & yellow stripe belts!)

I guess I say all of that to say I'm getting over it. 10 months out of the year we are overachievers. We try to do our best to manage schedules, lessons, life and all that comes in between. However, subtraction at the checkout counter, water in the yard, painted rooms in our house, Starbucks trips for a treat and I think we're calling it a Summer. Surely I would be happy to blog that we mastered a new language, but we didn't.

We just spent the Summer - good & bad, fun and mundane, wet & dry, cheap and over budget, together. My camp didn't have a t-shirt or a slogan, but it might read, "Mom's Camp...A treasured ritual of family time." I guess my children and I are all going to have be comfortable with that. Somehow, with ice cream cone 2,304 and an overload of outside play time, I think they'll all be fine with that.

Camp Underachiever - Enrolling for Summer 2008.

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