Monday, July 30, 2007

21 Days of Camp Underachiever

I have started to chronicle my split personality about Summer as I battle the work at home, stay at home, perfectionist mommy tendencies that gave way to the laid back camp experience. So, for esteem building purposes, I will attempt to document all the cool mommy stuff that happened during the last 3 weeks of Summer....

Day 21

We went to the Butterfly Exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo and my kids totally freaked out. Collectively, Ms. Gifted, Nerd Boy, Fearless, and said father - acted as if it were an exhibit of roaches. So, when the huge moth creature landed on my husbands pants and he was less than thrilled, I solidified a personal commitment - no more butterflies for these people who are related to me. Next time I'll take a journal, coffee and go by myself. Not a great way to start the 21 day countdown. ....and yes, my children grew butterflies from larvae 2 years ago, know they don't bite and still acted ridiculous.

I tried to salvage my bad attitude by grilling out on our new grill for the first time. We were blessed by a neighbor with a new propane grill and it is such a nice patio gadget. In all of my angst I owe God a great big thank you, because it comes on the heels of our new backyard play set too! (They are all new to us!)

Day 20

Take me out to the ball game! Thanks to the Summer Reading Program, we enjoyed a wonderful night out at the Indianapolis Indians game and had a blast. Great weather, terrific seats, relatively new experience, nice folks seated all around us, library give a ways for the kidlets and braniac girl (who protested so much I almost made this a selective attendance event) admitted - it surely was a lot of fun.

I think I'll write the Marion County Library and say thanks because they surely made ending July better with a spectacular night out for our family of 6! (5 Actually & the wonderful addition of Auntie Angie who coordinated this whole shabang!)

Stay Tuned for Day 19, they are moving along so quickly. We started painting this weekend and I'll count at least one day for Do It Yourself Home improvement benefits.

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