Monday, July 30, 2007

Dust Up - Hillary & Barack

I didn't watch the entire debate based on you tube questions, but universally everything I have heard has been uninteresting. To that end, media needed something to talk about and a walla "Barack and Hillary have a dust up."

So imagine my irritation when I heard supposedly conservative talk radio debate Barack becoming Hillary's VP. I'm sorry but that is just plain mess. If there is going to be business as usual I don't think it will come at Barack making that type of silly mistake. If we aren't voting for her already then pairing her w/Barack doesn't make her more palatable. Actually, it makes me think that we should keep all of our options open.

Should we not like what one party has to offer, no problem - the lines are so blurred you can find lack of morals, lack of focus, lack of real life experience, lack of understanding the issues facing real families - on any side of the aisle.

Has anyone figured that the easiest response to this stupidity is....make another contribution to Obama 08.

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