Friday, February 15, 2008

Presidential Valentine's

I have had some friends indicate in one way or another that they believe my support for Barack is over the top. I really disagree, I've posted about my issues w/a few of his stances on many occasions. Reality is though, I guess we vote for whomever motivates us to believe they are capable of making decisions that benefit our home, our community, our nation and our world.

As a married woman of nearly 13 years, I must say that I have the utmost respect for Barack Obama's decision to spend Valentine's Day with his wife. At the most heated point in this political process, with negative ads airing in multiple states, and on the heels of several high profile mess starters (i.e. Julian come lately Bond) Obama spent time at home. I know that he was probably on a flight at darkthirty in the morning back on the stump, but it did my heart good to think of someone with their priorities in the right place. Win or lose, he has a family, a wife and 2 girls to care for. I want to believe in a leader who understands the tremendous demands and pressures that are placed on an individual who answers the call to service. I want to believe in a man like Barack Obama.

I am heartened to know that there are people throughout this nation who are rethinking their obligations as a SuperDelegate. I had started wondering if I was the only person who thought it strange that someone could vote against the overwhelming will of the people throughout their state. Michigan and Florida broke the rules, I don't even think there should be an additional conversation about that. But my same heart that relishes the idea of a man of character leading this country, would be equally heartened if a woman of character were to lead this country. Maybe next time there will be one in the race and I'll be able to make that choice. For me, there's not much debate.

The policy differences are just that, slight differences without great distinction. The goals and objectives of their healthcare plans are not worlds apart, the greater issue becomes timing for covering the most and hardest to cover people. I'm a little slow to open my heart on this argument, I was dismayed by the debate regarding a higher minimum wage when I'm still looking for my wage increase to pay student loans. But I digress. Since I'm not a liberal extremist Barack didn't always appear to be a likely choice. I voted Republican so recently that I'm still repenting. That being said - I have 3 children who are now able to spill out Barack facts with the best of strangers. They are increasing their historical references for Michelle too, and she's no slacker. He married an equal, an amazing woman of substance I'd be happy to have in Washington. I'm thinking if she had run, she'd be the one with my vote. She's a wife, a mother, and a woman of amazing accomplishment and substance - and I can fully understand making the decision to spend Valentine's Day with her. After all, I'm a newbie to the all encompassing political watch - but I'm convinced, Michelle having his back is a good place for him to be with more hullabaloo to come.

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