Thursday, March 20, 2008

Political Craziness from Clinton Supporters

Life is busy. I haven't been posting regularly, because I have a life. Yet, today I got yet another crazy comment from a Clinton supporter. I usually post all comments, but in the last month I've had about 4 statements that have painted a clear picture in my mind about the types f folks supporting Hillary. Particularly, I'm attracting craziness from men of color who support her.

Today's entry wasn't foul mouthed and personally offensive, just misguided in his picture of my politics and of Obama. I posted it, and my response is both in the comments and below. I'm glad when someone comments, but I'm personally exhausted with the idealism that any president will be the cure all, and that someone we owe any more time to Billary and her devisive mess.

Here's What I had to say:

A dude for Clinton -

Like everyone, you certainly have the right and obligation to support whomever you think is the best for the job. I do, indeed, appreciate your comments and stopping by my blog. Although I support Barack, I'm not foolish enough to believe that any one person is the cure all and end all of making our nation better. I don't believe that someone has to agree with my, or Barack's opinions, which by the way - aren't consistent on many issues.

What I do know, is that anyone who uses racial politics to kill the Democratic party, will surely reap exactly what they sow. I have watched the Clinton Machine do what it does best, and the people who will lose will not be people who had hope in Obama, it will indeed be the entire nation as we endure politics as usual.

The belief that Clinton has experience and will not be learning on the job is equally ridiculous, to quote you my friend. She believes that failing health care, proximity to the office, and being Bill's wife have given her greater insight. Greater insight into the backward dealings of self serving politicians, maybe. She would do any and everything to ensure her candidacy, with no regard for the overall political challenge, which should be to adjust the leadership in Washington to shift past what has happened in the last 8 years. Clinton won't do that however, she'll keep moving the bar, changing the end game, and using the rhetorical of personal attack to become the victor. Problem is, she won't win anything, broaden the party or shift politics to anything that hasn't happened before.

Consensus building surely can't be what you believe will happen with Clinton. Or maybe, you are as naive as you'd like to paint anyone who doesn't agree w/Clinton to be.

I don't suggest that Hillary or her supporters should shut up - but I'm sick and tired of hearing that anyone who supports Obama does so because he is Black. The ignorance which makes and assumes this statement, is as troubling as the possibility that we'll have 4 more years of Clinton politics. I'm all for everyone having a voice - but the Democratic party, and the men who from time to time post nonsense about placing me or my views in a box, are tiring. Make a decision already. And when you do - invest your time in that, and stop insisting that anything unlike your view of the election is somehow wrong.

I respectfully disagree. But anyone reading my entire blog, would surely know that. But Clinton supporters, they aren't real good about history. They in fact, believe that we're lucky, should be greatly for all they have done, and surely we should be thankful we're Black, because we couldn't reach any point of prominence or beat them - unless our color was a factor. But, I believe the point is that I somehow have a crazy view. A wakeup call anyone?

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