Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Champions For Change

So, I'm sending a mid-West shout out to my girl Angeline....who is featured in the new Statewide California ads to encourage healthy eating. I'm just thinking to myself, God has a sense of humor - yet again. Champions for Change didn't know that they were picking one of an elite group of women who have dealt with change in every which kinda way.

Get your notepad.
1. Eat more fruits and vegetables
2. Engage in physical activity
3. Speak up for healthy changes

Angeline may indeed be feeding the kidlets more fruits and veggies nowadays, but a champion for change she has always been. We were part of a small group of energetic Christians some years ago - when we met in each others homes and talked about life, love, God and everything in between. I was shocked and dismayed to learned she and her family were heading out to the west Coast. You may have read other posts where I clearly indicate that my relocation was, well, disturbing to say the least. I'm not a change girl - but I'm getting better.

Angeline has taken the West Coast by storm, hustling and bustling to find a new church home, a 2nd Degree and stardom with a purpose. When she auditioned for the ad spots she joked a bit with me about it - and now her kids get to count moms face at every trip to the market, every play date and every time they are out and about. I'm laughing out loud for so many reasons.

We always knew she'd be large and in charge - but we didn't know she'd have bill boards announcing it too.

I did more than just read about the latest success of my friend, I read the message. Somehow our cabinet has gotten more cheetos, fruitesque snacks, cookies, candies and the like since mom has gone off her health wagon. Save your scolding, I'm getting my mind in order slowly.

Yesterday the boys were out on the playground for 2 hours, and the princess is participating in field day today. We'll walk to the pond to feed the ducks and that ensures a 30 minute walk and some scooter time for the kids. I enjoy the fresh air.

As for the fruits and veggies - it is indeed Summer. Drowning life's disappointments in cupcakes and cookies has got to stop - and for mom that means refined sugar and carbs too. We're going to be a salad eating, veggie carrying, water guzzling and exercise getting little crew - and we are going to heed the suggestions of my buddy. Type 2 Diabetes is no joke - and we have a family history of diabetes, too. For any family that knows the complications of that condition - make better choices now.

I love pineapple - but our staples for the summer are melon, berries and apples. Oh, do we love apples. I will be on a salad and protein kick, but I've learned that I can eat any green vegetable in abundance, I simply have always known the grouch and I have so much in common. I like being green. Now that fruit juice choice - watch out for the sugar. I know a few folks that love smoothies and I may try my hand at it this summer. Yet, adding ice cream or refined sugar to those mixtures ladies....we're missing the boat. If you already have fruit or juice, you have reached your quota!

Champions for Change come in all shapes and sizes - but as women we are leading the charge. You know your family is relying on you to make some good decisions - so go ahead, make a fruit kabob. This isn't my first time posting about fruit ...and from time to time I post about candy too. (a hee)

My circle has always been pretty small. I have countless stories about not adding people to my circle because it was just too much work to have adult women friends that you hadn't known forever. That new friendship thing was wearing me out - I had so many false starts into the arena known as soccer mom he....hello friendship. That's what I meant!

So visit my buddy and her message for families, and make a difference in your own. Dear Angeline you keep this up - and the Arizona spa trip is on you! All two readers out there, post some comments about fruit fabulous recipes you have or an idea for something new to try. I know many moms out there that qualify both as a hero mom and a champion, too.

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Angeline said...

I am telling you (that refers to everyone reading this post) is a hoot every time I see a billboard or commercial...A Champion for Change...? You know…I never considered myself a “champion.” I was/am simply a mother who loves her babies and desires to do what is best for them. And you know what…that “desire” has turned into “action” and the title of Champion does apply. We are all Champions when we turn our desires into positive actions. Knowing our dear blog moderator, if you have the privilege to be a part of her circle, then I already know that you must be a Champion in your own right! Therefore, please take a moment and give yourself a pat on the back! As a matter of fact, give yourself another. Don’t think that the little things don’t matter! Oh…and by the way…The Champion for Change mantra does not limit itself to healthy eating and physically active lifestyles…it applies to all aspects of life…Take care!

Oh…And Alaine…Arizona is a plan! Got a date?!