Friday, December 21, 2007

Efficient Christmas Greetings - Huh?

The holiday season is such a special one, and I really do love Christmas Cards. No, not the politically correct - "Happy Holidays" - the tried and true, we're celebrating Jesus Christmas card. As in, "May God Bless you during the Christmas Holyday." However you do it, just know that I love Christmas greetings and the connection of friends and family. But I must say, folks have gotten a bit, well, LAZY. Yes, I'm calling out my friends.

I may with one post end my abundance of Christmas cards, but I have to speak out. What is the glory in labels on cards, and the same greeting put in each one. I mean, I know some of the folks are people I talk to every day, but hey....I don't get it. If it is important to connect .... write SOMETHING. My name, my address, we love you, miss you much, something. Signing your name like business communication on a holiday card is as chilly as last months snow storm. I just don't know what else to say on this one.

I like cheezy family photographs, a lot. I like evaluating card selection - ethnic, holy, politically correct, religious, funny, formal, ecclectic, culturally sensitive, true art (and should be framed), crafty, hand stamped - I love them all. But please, if you are going to send out greeting cards, make a special effort to actually tell folks what you think about them and how much you actually care for them. Efficiency isn't always the best thing. In fact, your timely cards are often a bit cold - not like the warm and fuzzy people you are. Labels, if they are clear I guess you can have a pass - but let's see that handwriting. I want to see the skills your 4th grade teachers were fighting for!

Here's to a Blessed, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year - in Jesus Name!

Love, ME!

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Anonymous said...

You've seen my handwriting-are you really sure you want to go THAT route?!?!?!? OKAY, OKAY, I'll do better next year!