Sunday, November 4, 2007

Golden Compass points kids in the wrong direction

I have been thrilled about the stream of movies lately - Tyler Perry started a season of joy for me. However, let's not forget that movies and entertainment are an investment of time, resources and if you allow it ....they can plant seeds of something pretty dark.

Let's take "Why did I get married?" - from which my good friend and I are working tirelessly to plan a couples retreat. Not that we needed a movie to give us the idea, but the images were so powerful you couldn't help leaving the theater thinking about your own life. It was just one of those movies - far from perfect, but tons of inspiration and fun. Tyler Perry has a message and he isn't afraid to put it out there for full consumption.

Such is the case for the Golden Compass. During the Christmas season this story is going to be marketed to children as the latest installment in must see/must read stories. Buyer beware. This story is created by an atheist who has articulated clearly in interviews that his books are about killing God. Invest your dollars as you want, as for me and mine - we won't be knowingly giving our support to a self-identified atheist, who has written books to challenge the Narnia series in a fashion that purports to dig deeper and deeper into darkness. The movie I understand is a waterdowned version of the first book - the weakest of the attempt to defame Christianity and all we hold to be true. I'll be joining the religious right on this one when I inform my avid reader and avid moviegoer - not one penny of our money, not one minute of our time will be spent supporting him.

My hat goes off to which has a pretty detailed account of all this - and their bottom line is that the movie The Golden Compass does indeed bring to life a series of anti-religious books marketed for children. Philip Pullman is assuredly entitled to his views - but there is power in audiences who send a clear signal that this is not what will be supported as child's play. Comments in the movie range from an ex-nun who states that Christianity is a very powerful and convincing mistake, in addition to the actually use of Yahweh in the final book of the "Dark Materials."

I'm not a book burner by trade, but anyone got a match? I think Harry Potter was the least of our worries - as I remember the church uproar when that came about. While Harry Potter offered an opportunity for parents to engage, dialogue and be clear about their beliefs as children escaped in flights of fantasy....The Golden Compass is much more direct. If you aren't interested in creating the next generation of atheists or promoting the cause of the British writer bold enough to simply state his hate of religion, God and any form of Christ ..... join those of us who consider the release date of December 7th as an excuse t0 have a Holy party of praise far away from the theater. New Line should know exactly what you think of their kiddie promotions.....

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Refinedone said...

Thanks so much for sharing this...The Word of God says to train our children how they would go, so when they are grown they would not depart from it... Jesus is the way...anything anti-God is not that way...This can be turned around, it gives an opportunity for parent to talk with there children about who God is, what Christ came to do and not just make them chruch goers. What ever the enermy would plan for bad will always be used as a stepping stone and truned around and used to the glory of God!