Friday, March 9, 2007

News and Notes

On Thursday, March 8, 2007 I was in the car listening to News and Notes on NPR. I was excited to hear Farai Chideya indicate an upcoming story about Barack and Hillary - until I actually heard the commentary. Although I was hoping to hear a clear dialogue about what each candidate has to offer thus far, Chideya indicated that Barack "swooned" over Beyonce Knowles at a recent Hollywood Insider party. The conversation continued with a question about the current media coverage of both Senators - "Why is the dialogue so superficial?"

Farai Chideya is one of many media personalities responsible for the lethargic response within the African-American community when it comes to Barack Obama. His coverage tends to center on everything from his mother, his admitted failures, not being Black enough, not being recognized by the Black establishment, not knowing enough first hand about the Civil Rights movement to his response to Beyonce at a party. Shame on NPR, News and Notes and Farai Chideya for wasting yet another opportunity to talk about what really matters.

Bill Clinton was not the first Black President and Hillary Clinton is playing for keeps. If there is any hope of having a competitive primary season, voters must understand what the candidates stand for and what they aspire to accomplish with this nations highest office. Clearly, Barack Obama if nothing else, is uniquely positioned to bring compassion, energy and ambition to an office facing critical issues. I doubt that the many American citizens opposed to the war would swoon over Hillary, as she seals her inability to admit her mistake. This isn't the first time - all we would have to discuss was healthcare leadership as the first lady. She has a shaky track record of her own.

I continue to say give the man the chance to run. Allow him to articulate his platform and compete on this presidential stage. Donate to his campaign to give him an opportunity to communicate his views. If we are to make one of the most critical decisions of our lifetime it makes perfect sense to not sabbotage the players before the game begins. There is more at stake than Hollywood antics this season. We should demand more effective journalism before the Black vote is neglected yet again. Barack has a voice and a message to offer. I for one want to hear it.


Yvette said...

! agree 100% with your assessment. We'll see what happens during the remainder of campaign season...

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more-let's get past theese "Weapons of Mass Distraction," and talk about issues that impact our daily lives!